Iagorlic Reservation

The Iagorlic Reservation it located on the east side of the Nistru River, in Transnistria, near the villages Iagorlic and Goian. The reserve includes the Goian Bay and its surroundings with a total area of 1,044 ha that includes 563 ha of forests. The reserve is home to numerous flora and fauna species.

The reserve was founded in 1988 to conserve and study the environmental conditions characteristic to lakes near the Nistru River, creating favorable conditions for reproduction and preservation of rare species of plants and animals. A 1.5 km protection zone surrounds the reserve.

Location: Goian village, Transnistria, Moldova, 55 km distance from Chisinau
Accessibility: Access is grated by reserve administration
Contact: Tel: (+373 215) 5-85-06,

GSM: (+373)  777-105-48

Entry Fee:
Activities: Hiking on set path